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Three powerful tools for all your referencing needs
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RefNow Reference is an automated reference checking software tool that streamlines and simplifies the reference check process.

By eliminating the need for a human operator to chase and store reference checks, RefNow Reference helps you save time and resources and focus on growing your business.

With features like real-time tracking, verification, fraud detection, customisable question profiles, and more, RefNow Reference helps you verify the qualifications and experience of your candidates and make informed hiring decisions.

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Talent Pool

Talent Pool is a unique feature of RefNow that helps you find and attract employees while reference checking your new hires. With easy search and contact features, you can quickly find and connect with potential employees, saving you time and effort in the recruitment process.

Let’s not forget about money either. Finding talent is expensive, RefNow provides you with a 2-in-1 solution to find people via passive candidates that come through our system.

Whether you're looking for your next star employee or want to build a strong talent pipeline for future hiring needs, Talent Pool can help you find the best fit for your company.

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Inbound Referencing

RefNow Inbound is a tool that streamlines and automates the reference checking process for your current and previous staff.

With features like CSV data upload, self-service requests, built-in employee consent, instant report generation, and more, RefNow Inbound helps you save time and resources and focus on more important tasks.

With our quick and simple solution, you only need to upload your data once, and the rest of the process is taken care of. Providing references for an ex-employee can be a difficult process, but with RefNow Inbound, you can automate your off-boarding process.

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Why use RefNow?

Save time and reduce your admin.

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Streamline your processes

Craft requests effortlessly in just 30 seconds, and streamline your data management with our centralised solution.

Protect your data

GDPR compliant to keep your data secure and confidential. Trust us to safeguard your business and meet data protection regulations.

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Simplify your workload

Produce references that are accessible on any device, anywhere. Our automated tools manage the rest, allowing HR admins to focus on other responsibilities.

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Reduced Risk of Fraud

Rest easy with RefNow's advanced fraud detection techniques that minimise your risk of fraud, guaranteeing peace of mind.

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CQC Friendly

All references comes with a full audit trail, that's text, email, and phone call attempts all tracked and kept in one centralised location.

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Smoother Onboarding

Revamp your candidate experience and elevate your company's reputation with a cutting-edge approach that sets you apart from the competition.

How does our reference checking software work?

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Step 1 of referencing process
1. Send Request

Enter candidate's name, phone, and email via RefNow Portal (30 sec).

Step 2 of referencing process
2. Collect References

The candidate provides their referee contact information and references are collected via a secure, mobile-friendly questionnaire.

Step 3 of referencing process
3. View Report

Get comprehensive reference reports with detailed candidate feedback in just 36 hours (on average). Download them instantly.

Packed with cutting edge features

Save time and reduce admin: Requests can be created and completed anywhere, any time, on any device. Let our speedy automation do the rest.

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Know who you're hiring

Join businesses worldwide in trusting RefNow to gather comprehensive employment references on candidates with automated, GDPR-compliant feedback.

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Empower your team to collect references faster
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Make decisions using better informed data
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Our system takes care of sending reminders
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Make your hiring easier than ever

Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming hiring processes with RefNow's sophisticated reference checking software. Make more informed hiring decisions based on data-driven insights to quickly find the best-fit candidates for your organisation.

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Speed up the hiring process, saving you time and resources
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Gain confidence to find the right candidates for your business
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Find top talent and grow your business
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Expand your candidate pool

Save money on recruitment fees. RefNow helps you find the best candidates for your business by tapping into a diverse pool of passive candidates through our Talent Pool feature.

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Search and view a subscriber's details, including their personal and work information
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Easily contact subscribers to learn more about their qualifications and experience
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Find the best fit for your company and improve your candidate pool

You’re in good company

RefNow gives you peace of mind that you’re getting the best talent on the market. Join hundreds of successful startups, recruitment agencies, large healthcare providers and a range of retail and software companies using our platform today.

"The way we use RefNow is to handle all of our incoming and outgoing reference requests, across the board. RefNow has enabled us to automate our entire referencing process, and in turn has given us back countless hours each week to apply our time elsewhere."

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"We’ve made RefNow the central part of our on-boarding process and we’re happy to let the references come back to us without having to do any of the time consuming chasing that we had to do beforehand."

"We’ve rolled it out to each of our care homes and it is now a fully fledged system across the whole of Advinia. When rolling out new technology across such a large company, we were happy to see it only took a couple of months to really get going in every single one of our homes."

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