Case Study

How RefNow's Automation Software Streamlined Employment Reference Checks at GBA Logistics

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Step into the world of GBA Logistics as we sat down with Grace, an HR Administrator, to explore how RefNow's automation software has revolutionised their day-to-day operations. GBA Logistics, a leading player in the logistics industry, ensuring the safe and timely transportation of goods via land, sea, and air, once grappled with the cumbersome task of employment referencing. In this case study, we uncover the remarkable journey of how RefNow, with its candidate reference check capabilities, has dramatically accelerated HR tasks, making employment reference checks a breeze. Join us to witness how GBA Logistics harnessed the power of technology to streamline their processes and enhance their candidate check efficiency.

Who are GBA Logistics?

For more than 35 years, GBA Logistics has been focused on the safe and timely transportation of goods. Through commitment and innovation, GBA has evolved to offer logistics via land, sea and air. GBA Logistics works with customers that operate supply chains which are dependent on goods arriving on time and in perfect condition. From start to finish, GBA has the customers at heart.

How was GBA doing references before using RefNow?

Prior to RefNow, we did all the references manually. Our recruitment drive is relentless with the industry we are in.

It became impossible to manage. It took up almost every minute of every working day and was a complete nightmare!

In general, the response rate was terrible. We would be chasing candidates all day and never really hear back from them, which was completely unsustainable.

How has using RefNow helped GBA?

Our workload has decreased dramatically. Beforehand, a lot of time was spent chasing references. Since using RefNow for employment referencing, I spend only 2 hours per week doing it!

The increased response rate was noticeable straight away. The automatic chasing was exactly what our team needed, as so much time has been freed up to now do other important tasks.

We were waiting on a backlog of over 200 candidates when we joined RefNow, that figure decreased almost 75% within weeks of signing up.

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