Integrations built for streamlined workflows

RefNow integrates with a range of ATS and HRIS software to further enhance your hiring processes. Our integrations will save you a huge amount of time and speed up your workflow. Get in touch today and let us show you why we're number one.

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Bamboo HR
BambooHR offers an all-in-one HR software solution, streamlining various human resource processes, from applicant tracking and onboarding to employee satisfaction and performance management, aiding businesses in cultivating a high-performing workforce.
Breezy HR
Breezy HR provides a user-friendly recruiting platform and applicant tracking system, enabling companies to modernise their hiring process, attract top talent, and make more informed hiring decisions swiftly.
Bullhorn offers a cutting-edge applicant tracking and customer relationship management system, enabling recruitment agencies to streamline their operations and connect with clients and candidates more effectively to drive successful placements.
Deel streamlines global hiring and payments, providing a comprehensive platform that manages contracts, compliance, and payroll, enabling companies to build and manage international teams with ease and confidence.
Greenhouse is a premier talent acquisition software provider that empowers companies to make smarter hiring decisions.
Hibob's platform, bob, revolutionises human resource management with its people-centric approach, offering smart tools for recruitment, employee engagement, and talent development, which empower organisations to foster a positive culture and drive business growth.
Humaans is a fast and intuitive HR software platform designed to streamline administrative tasks, making it easier for companies to manage their people data, time off, benefits, and payroll, all in one centralised hub.
Okta provides a reliable identity management solution, ensuring secure and efficient access to applications and data, which empowers organisations to accelerate their digital transformation while maintaining a robust security posture.
Oracle HCM
Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) provides a comprehensive suite of applications designed to support organisations in managing every phase of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement, aiding in the development of a more engaged and productive workforce.
Oracle Recruiting
Oracle Recruiting, a part of Oracle Cloud HCM, streamlines talent acquisition through automation and intelligence, enabling organisations to attract, select, and hire the right candidates to propel business growth.
PayFit simplifies payroll and HR processes through an intuitive digital platform, enabling businesses to automate routine tasks and ensure compliance, thus allowing them to focus more on strategic human resources initiatives.
People HR
PeopleHR delivers a flexible and intuitive HR software solution, enabling organisations to streamline HR processes, engage employees, and harness insightful analytics for smarter decision-making in talent management.
Personio is a holistic HR and applicant management software designed to simplify and automate recruitment, payroll, and human resource management processes, enabling businesses to focus more on their core operations.
Pinpoint HQ
Pinpoint is an intuitive recruitment software platform that facilitates a smarter and more efficient hiring process for companies.
Recruitee offers a collaborative hiring platform that streamlines recruitment processes, enabling teams to work together effortlessly to attract, evaluate, and hire the best talent in a competitive market.
Remote offers an all-encompassing platform for global employment, providing tools and services for payroll, benefits, compliance and more, making it easier for companies to hire, manage, and retain a worldwide team effortlessly.
Rippling provides an automated platform for employee management, centralising payroll, benefits, devices, and apps, enabling businesses to handle HR and IT in a unified system, thus streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.
SAP SuccessFactors
SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) provides robust solutions for HR processes and people engagement, aiding organisations in harnessing the full potential of their workforce to drive optimal business outcomes.
Sage HR
Sage HR suite streamlines the entire employment journey, from recruitment to retirement, providing intuitive tools that empower organisations to manage, engage, and nurture their workforce, driving better business outcomes.
SmartRecruiters offers a comprehensive talent acquisition suite that streamlines the hiring process, enabling companies to connect with and hire top talent efficiently.
Teamtailor combines recruitment software with a powerful employer branding tool, enabling organisations to attract, manage, and hire top talent while promoting a compelling employer brand to engage potential candidates.
TribePad offers a cutting-edge applicant tracking system and video interviewing platform, tailored to the unique needs of organisations across various sectors.
Workable provides user-friendly recruiting software that streamlines the hiring process, enabling companies to find, evaluate, and make better hiring decisions to build a strong, diverse workforce efficiently.
Workday provides a suite of enterprise applications, focusing on financial management, human capital management, and analytics to optimise business operations. With a user-friendly interface and robust functionalities.
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