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BPP Goes Beyond the Books: RefNow Streamlines Referencing and More!

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Discover how BPP, a leading provider of professional education in the UK, revolutionized their hiring processes by partnering with RefNow, an automated referencing platform. With a centralized mailbox and non-responsive candidates and referees causing delays, RefNow stepped in to provide speedy, reliable, and user-friendly referencing solutions, allowing BPP to focus on other important tasks.

Who is BPP?

BPP is a leading UK-based provider of professional and vocational higher education, providing training and qualifications in a diverse range of professional verticals including law, accountancy & tax, business & finance, data analytics & technology, actuarial and nursing, both to corporates and directly to consumers.

How was BPP doing references before using RefNow?

We had a central mailbox where we manually produced reference requests from a template. Once a reference came back, we would then save it as a PDF in the candidates’ folder. 

The biggest issue for us was the sheer amount of wasted time and a build-up of volume due to non-responsive candidates and referees. There would be instances, hiring candidates were delayed up to one month!

The referencing took so long, and it was the most strenuous part of our onboarding process - Matthew Kay

How has using RefNow helped BPP?

The speed in which references come back have been key. The tracking and monitoring of candidates and their referees is also a huge help. However, the biggest positive of using RefNow is the trust and responsibility RefNow has with chasing and securing references, which we no longer have to do.

It was stressful trying to chase people and not miss anything, and now we have been able to hand over that task to RefNow. Our team can now apply their skills where actually needed, with all the time that has been freed up, and RefNow has proved to be incredibly reliable in the meantime.

RefNow is extremely User friendly and our new starters can be comfortable using it within the first few reference requests they send off - Matthew Kay

The biggest compliment I can pay RefNow is that we have increased our order for credits and we’re looking forward to using RefNow in the future, as our team continues to grow.