Case Study

Streamlining Professional Education: How RefNow Transformed BPP's Hiring Process

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Discover how BPP, a leading provider of professional education in the UK, revolutionised their hiring processes by partnering with RefNow, an automated employment referencing platform. With a centralised mailbox and non-responsive candidates and referees causing delays, RefNow stepped in to provide speedy, reliable, and user-friendly employment reference checks, allowing BPP to focus on other important tasks. This case study offers insights into how RefNow's automation software not only sped up HR tasks but also improved candidate reference checks, making the onboarding process smoother for BPP.

Who is BPP?

BPP stands at the forefront of UK-based professional and vocational higher education, delivering training and qualifications across a diverse spectrum of professional fields. From law, accountancy & tax, business & finance to data analytics & technology, actuarial sciences, and nursing, BPP caters to both corporate clients and individual learners.

Reinventing the Reference Process

Before embracing RefNow, BPP's reference-checking process involved a central mailbox where reference requests were manually generated using templates. Once received, references were saved as PDF files in the candidates' folders. However, the most pressing challenge lay in the significant time wastage and a growing backlog resulting from non-responsive candidates and referees. Delays of up to one month in hiring candidates were not uncommon, making it a strenuous part of their onboarding process.

Matthew Kay, BPP's representative, emphasised the frustration caused by lengthy referencing procedures, highlighting the need for change.

The referencing took so long, and it was the most strenuous part of our onboarding process - Matthew Kay

RefNow: Transforming the Landscape

The transformation began when BPP adopted RefNow. Speed became the essence as references returned promptly, and tracking and monitoring of candidates and referees became a breeze. Yet, the most significant shift was in the trust and responsibility RefNow assumed in chasing and securing references, relieving BPP's team of this burden.

No longer burdened with the stress of chasing individuals and managing details, BPP's team redirected their efforts to more critical tasks. RefNow proved to be a reliable partner throughout this transition.

Matthew Kay also lauded RefNow's user-friendly interface, highlighting how new team members quickly adapted to it, enabling them to send off reference requests confidently.

RefNow is extremely User friendly and our new starters can be comfortable using it within the first few reference requests they send off - Matthew Kay

In closing, the most significant compliment BPP paid to RefNow was an increase in their order for credits, a testament to their confidence in RefNow's capabilities. As BPP's team continues to grow, they eagerly anticipate their continued partnership with RefNow.

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