Case Study

RefNow Helps Advinia Care for Candidates and Cut Outdated Processes!

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Advinia Health Care, with 36 UK care homes, had been doing reference checks manually before RefNow. The process was time-consuming and unsustainable, but RefNow's speedy, trackable employment referencing system has now been rolled out company-wide, freeing up time for important projects.

Who is Advinia?

Advinia Health Care operates 36 Care Homes across the UK and each is led by a team of experienced and dedicated care professionals. For 25 years, Advinia has been dedicated to providing person-focussed care and has each individual's needs and values at its core.

How was Advinia doing references before using RefNow?

Everything was done manually within each of our care homes. This meant we were talking to our candidates, finding out who their referees were, manually calling and emailing them, reminding ourselves to follow up, collecting data, and everything else!

The whole process was incredibly time consuming and unsustainable, which led us to look for a solution.

How has using RefNow helped Advinia?

We really do not have a bad word to say about RefNow!

Personally, I love the speed in which references are completed and also the way I can track everything we’ve received from the start until now - which is especially helpful when recruiting 150 new staff per month - Aaron Johal

We’ve rolled it out to each of our care homes and it is now a fully fledged system across the whole of Advinia. When rolling out new technology across such a large company, we were happy to see it only took a couple of months to really get going in every single one of our homes. 

The feedback from the team has been incredible and RefNow has freed up so much time for us all from top to bottom. We can now actually get on with our jobs and apply our skills to important projects!

If you would like to learn more about how RefNow can help your organisation reach out to us today and get your first 5 checks free.