Case Study

Amore Group's Journey to Efficiency and Quality with RefNow

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We had the pleasure of sitting down with Becky, the Operations and Marketing Manager at Amore Group, a renowned provider of agency care work, that has gained a reputation for its exceptional commitment to service responsiveness, the quality of its workforce, and its dedication to realising the aspirations of every individual under its care. This case study delves into how Amore Group revolutionised its reference-checking process with RefNow, enhancing efficiency and reinforcing its commitment to quality care.

We would spend hours each day and up to 2 weeks in total on completing one candidate

Who is Amore Group?

Amore Group is a quality provider of agency care work. Amore Group is known for the responsiveness of service, the exceptional quality of their workers and their commitment to realising the ambitions of every individual under Amore’s care.

Amore Group organisation consists of Amore Complex Care for CQC regulated services, Amore Social Care for temporary staffing solutions to cover staff absences and Amore Nursing for the provision of nursing professionals.

How was Amore Group doing references before using RefNow?

It was a completely paper based and entirely manual process. Unsurprisingly, it was extremely time consuming and we would spend hours each day and up to 2 weeks in total on completing one candidate.

Most of the time was spent chasing candidates to provide us with their referees, as we would often not hear back from them when asking for simple details like an email address and phone number.

How has using RefNow helped Amore Group?

We learned about RefNow through one of our competitors and thought why are we not using RefNow too?

Our experience with RefNow has been hugely positive, with our reference completion rate currently sitting at over 85%. Needless to say this is a significant improvement from our manual paper based days of the past!

When we first signed up to RefNow, we received analysis and advice constantly from the team and actually changed our entire referencing process to allow for various ways to add referees faster. We’d have never known how better things would have been if it wasn’t for RefNow!

The fraud and vetting on RefNow is also really insightful, it’s been great to see how any potential discrepancies are picked up and we feel much more secure and confident in who we are processing.

Our Talent Pool has over 200 contacts in it now and we look forward to going through it properly in the near future.

There is a real personal feel at RefNow, the team is always available to help you with anything across the whole process.

If you would like to learn more about how RefNow can help your organisation reach out to us today and get your first 5 checks free.