Case Study

RefNow Helps Grace Foods Cut Down 8 Hours of Referencing to Just 10 Minutes a Day

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RefNow has been a game changer for Grace Foods UK, enabling the multi-cultural food and beverage market leader to automate its referencing process, centralise everything in one place, and save countless hours each week. RefNow has become the central part of their onboarding process and has helped speed up the recruitment process, ensuring references come back within 24 hours.

Average hours to return completed references
Hours per day chasing references
With RefNow
Minutes per day viewing references

Who is Grace Foods UK?

Grace Foods UK is one of Europe’s market leaders in multi-cultural food and beverages. Grace Foods has been a mainstay in retail over the last 100 years and comprises some of the most well-known brands that we use each and every day.

Before RefNow, referencing was taking up too much time. It became 8 hours per day, every day. Now with RefNow in place, I spend a maximum of 10-15 minutes per day checking on candidates - Deja Benoit

How was Grace Foods UK doing references before using RefNow?

We actually used another employment referencing system which we thought would solve all of our problems! However, that was far from the case.

It didn’t fit our needs as a company at all, both my colleagues and our candidates were confused and constantly asking for clarity on the process. We ended up having to do more administration than before and stopped using the system completely in the end.

Once we were back to doing everything manually again, that’s when we decided it was time to try something else and after some quick research, I found RefNow and signed up for a video demonstration.

How has using RefNow helped Grace Foods UK?

RefNow for me is all about speed. After struggling for so long with references for our candidates, I needed to use a system that would give me time back in my day. Not only that, it’s just so easy to use. Everything is centralised in one place, I can track everything and we even use it for our Right to Work checks too.

We’ve made RefNow the central part of our on-boarding process and we’re happy to let the references come back to us without having to do any of the time consuming chasing that we had to do beforehand - Deja Benoit

Our references come back within 24 hours most of the time. Of course, this is sometimes a bit longer depending on how the candidate responds, but it’s better than beforehand when references didn’t come back at all!

Our recruitment is always up and down and it’s so handy to have RefNow helping us throughout.

If you would like to learn more about how RefNow can help your organisation reach out to us today and get your first 5 checks free.