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Efficient, Secure, Reliable: How RefNow Automated Elysium Healthcare’s Reference Checks

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As Elysium Healthcare expanded, their need for an efficient referencing process became paramount due to the high volume of clinical and non-clinical hires. The manual system was slow, taking up to 2-3 weeks for reference checks. RefNow offered the perfect solution, automating the process and reducing turnaround time to 48 hours. Discover how RefNow's secure, streamlined referencing system, complete with fraud detection, helped Elysium Healthcare bolster compliance with CQC standards and enhance the integrity of their recruitment process.

2 Days
average turnaround
opted-In to Talent Pool
72 Days
time saved over last 3 months

Tell us about hiring at Elysium Healthcare

Elysium Healthcare's recruitment spans a wide range of roles, including clinical and non-clinical positions such as nursing, healthcare assistants, administrative staff, doctors, AHPs, and catering staff. As we expanded, the importance of efficient reference checks as a part of our pre-employment process became clear. The manual handling of these checks was increasingly impractical due to our high volume of recruitment."

Being in the healthcare industry, why are reference checks so important to you?

In healthcare, reference checks are vital for ensuring safety and compliance. They go beyond verifying past employment; they provide insights into a candidate's performance and support needs. Inadequate checks can lead to risks and non-compliance with CQC standards.

How long would it take you to collect references before?

Before RefNow, collecting references could take up to 2-3 weeks, hindered by time-consuming follow-ups and administrative challenges. This manual process was not only slow but also a bottleneck in our recruitment timeline.

What was the catalyst for change?

Our drive for efficiency brought us to RefNow. We recognised the potential to automate a major part of our manual workload and were keen to see how RefNow could transform our processes.

Why did you choose RefNow?

Our criteria for a referencing solution included data security, quick reference turnaround, fraud detection, and cost-effectiveness. RefNow stood out as the best option, offering robust functionality and exceptional customer service that facilitated both our initial setup and continuous usage.

How have you benefited from using RefNow?

RefNow has revolutionised our onboarding process. We can initiate reference checks at the application stage, aligning seamlessly with CVs. This streamlined process, now just a button click, has reduced reference collection time to an average of 48 hours. The fraud detection feature has also been crucial in maintaining the integrity of our recruitment.

How have you found the process of requesting references and tracking their progress?

RefNow's intuitive timeline feature enables our team to track the status of each reference request easily, providing transparency into the process and ensuring compliance with CQC guidelines, thus boosting our operational efficiency.

How has Elysium Healthcare benefited from RefNow’s fraud detection?

The fraud detection capability of RefNow has been transformative. Shortly after its implementation, it began identifying fraudulent reference submissions, an achievement nearly impossible with our previous systems.

If you could summarise RefNow in one sentence for any other organisations in the Healthcare industry, what would you say?

RefNow is an essential tool, providing a secure, efficient, and streamlined solution for reference checks that not only saves time but also significantly improves the integrity and safety of our hiring process.

If you would like to learn more about how RefNow can help your organisation reach out to us today and get your first 5 checks free.