Talent Pool

Talent Pool is a unique feature of RefNow that helps you find and attract employees while reference checking your new hires.

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Talent Pool

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Welcome to Talent Pool – the unique feature on RefNow that helps you find and attract the best employees for your business.

With Talent Pool, you can tap into a pool of passive candidates and recruit top talent while reference-checking your new hires. Whether you're looking for your next star employee or want to build a strong talent pipeline for future hiring needs, Talent Pool can help you find the best fit for your company.

Using easy search and contact features, you can quickly find and connect with potential employees, saving you time and effort in the recruitment process. Try Talent Pool today and see the difference it can make for your business.
Talent Pool

15-20% of referees opt-in to Talent Pool

Some companies have seen an opt-in rate of up to 45%, providing them with an additional source of candidates who have actively declared an interest in working for their company. This has saved these clients thousands in recruitment fees by hiring organically.

You’re in good company

RefNow gives you peace of mind that you’re getting the best talent on the market. Join hundreds of successful startups, recruitment agencies, large healthcare providers and a range of retail and software companies using our platform today.

"The way we use RefNow is to handle all of our incoming and outgoing reference requests, across the board. RefNow has enabled us to automate our entire referencing process, and in turn has given us back countless hours each week to apply our time elsewhere."

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"We’ve made RefNow the central part of our on-boarding process and we’re happy to let the references come back to us without having to do any of the time consuming chasing that we had to do beforehand."

"We’ve rolled it out to each of our care homes and it is now a fully fledged system across the whole of Advinia. When rolling out new technology across such a large company, we were happy to see it only took a couple of months to really get going in every single one of our homes."

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