HR professionals need an agile and streamlined tech stack that can speed up their key workflows, minimise administrative nightmares, and adapt to their ever changing needs. The name of the game is software that not only simplifies key processes, but understands the nature of your work and actually makes your life easier. You want to avoid overloading yourself with tech, instead prioritising and streamlining your tech-stack to truly cover your needs and increase efficiency and productivity.

Top 5 Tools for HR Professionals for November 2023

In this article, we’ve compiled our recommendations for the top 5 HR software specifically for HR professionals. These tools cover different aspects of your job, ranging from recruitment and onboarding through to employee management and payroll.



What is RefNow? 

RefNow speeds up, streamlines and simplifies your reference checks and provisions, accelerating your time to hire and making sure you’re employing the right people. Generally, you’ll be able to view a candidate’s references in 36 hours - that’s 5 times faster than the average. 

It’s an automated online reference checking software that offers you and your job candidates an intuitive, quick and centralised portal for inputting, collecting and reviewing references. It also offers other features such as identity verification, inbound referencing management, and a talent pool that helps you connect with potential employees. 

Key features of RefNow

  • Quick, efficient and easy reference collection. You send your reference request to your candidate, they input their referees’ information, and they input the information directly into RefNow. 
  • Comprehensive reference reports that make it easy to get a comprehensive overview of a candidate. 
  • Talent pool helps you find and connect with potential employees quickly and easily. 
  • Inbound referencing saves you time and effort by automating the entire off-boarding process. All you need to do is bulk upload your employee data and leave the rest to RefNow. 

How much does RefNow cost? 

To find out more about RefNow’s pricing, get in touch. 

Why use RefNow 

You shouldn’t be wasting your precious time collecting, tracking, and chasing up candidate’s references. However, references are an integral and vital part of any hiring process. 

By using an automated reference tool, you can achieve an accelerated time to hire which means you can welcome top talent into your business as quickly as possible.


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What is Greenhouse? 

Greenhouse is a platform that streamlines your hiring process. It takes you from step A to Z, from identifying your candidates, interviewing them, through to onboarding and welcoming them into your company. Some of its unique features that help to enhance your recruitment efforts include tools that help you to reduce bias, streamline who’s responsible for which stage of the hiring process, and more. 

Greenhouse’s Key Features: 

  • Organise the recruitment process with easy-to-use trackers and task lists
  • Automated candidate sourcing which helps you connect with the best people for the job 
  • Keep accessible records of each candidate’s performance for easy reference 
  • Reduce bias and increase diversity in your hiring efforts 
  • Send communications from within Greenhouse 
  • Conduct candidate surveys to better understand how you can improve your recruitment system 
  • Personalise and customise your onboarding experience 
  • Push automated onboarding tasks to your new hires 

Why use Greenhouse? 

Greenhouse is ideal if you’re looking to organise, consolidate and streamline your hiring process. It acts as a central hub for connecting with, interviewing and eventually onboarding your new employees, replacing endless email back and forths and scattered data. In addition, RefNow's automated referencing software directly integrates with Greenhouse ensuring seamless transition of candidates through your applicant pipeline.

How much does Greenhouse cost? 

In order to get a clear idea of pricing, you need to reach out to Greenhouse directly.

Oyster HR 

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What is Oyster HR? 

Oyster HR helps you to automate key HR workflows: From recruitment, payroll, time and expense tracking through to employee benefits and compliance. Crucially, it’s aimed at supporting businesses who want to scale and operate globally. It facilitates obstacle-free management of your worldwide team and ensures that you’re compliant in every jurisdiction you’re active in. 

Oyster HR’s Key Features: 

  • Oyster HR makes international hiring not only possible, but easy!
  • Automated generation of compliant employment agreements
  • Streamlined onboarding and off-boarding 
  • Easy setup and management of global payroll  
  • Salary insights so that you can figure out a competitive rate and address pay gaps 
  • Analytics and actionable insights 
  • Manage your employees’ benefits (health, equity, holiday allowance) 
  • Oyster Direct + gives you compliance support and guidance on jurisdiction-specific laws

Why use Oyster HR? 

If you’re a global business (or hoping to), then Oyster HR is the kind of platform you need to be using. Managing a global workforce no doubt has its challenges – especially when it comes to compliance and payroll. Oyster HR eliminates that stress, or at least streamlines it.

How much does Oyster HR cost? 

Here’s a breakdown of Oyster HR’s different pricing plans:

  • Contractor - $0 for the first month, then $29/contractor/month 
  • Employee - $499 per employee/month 
  • Scale - Get in touch for pricing information. 


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What is Nectar? 

Nectar calls itself an “employee recognition software”. What it means is that it helps you to identify and celebrate your employee’s achievements. The overall aim is to help you create a company culture in which your employees not only feel “seen”, but recognised and valued, thus minimising churn and maximising retention. 

Nectar Key Features:

  • Anyone can send someone else a “shoutout” to highlight their good work 
  • Nectar points that can be redeemed for actual rewards 
  • Choose from different reward options: direct Amazon integration, gift cards, branded company merchandise, or donations to a charity. Or you can choose to create your own rewards. 
  • Integrates with Slack and Teams 
  • Automate celebrations for birthdays and service anniversaries 
  • Set up organisation-wide challenges to bring your community together

Why use Nectar 

Nectar is a great way to invest in building an employee-oriented company culture. It equips you with the tools and functionality to properly integrate celebrations and “shout-outs” into your typical workflows. Plus, it gives you the ability to actually incentivise engagement with the wider organisational community in an organised and centralised way. 

How much does Nectar cost? 

Nectar costs $2.74/user/month on the Standard plan. If you upgrade to the Plus plan, you’re looking at $4/user/month. 


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What is Deel? 

Deel is an all-in-one HR, payroll, hiring and compliance platform. Its core aim is to streamline global team management from all angles. It ensures that you maintain compliance across the board, cover all bases when it comes to onboarding and managing your employees, drafting contracts and more. 

Key features of Deel

  • Easy hiring and onboarding of employees globally
  • Automated in-built invoicing and payroll 
  • Draft contracts 
  • Integrates with your existing tech stack 
  • Manage your employee benefits
  • Send your employees the equipment they need 
  • Quick organisational overviews and individual employee profiles 
  • Referrals tool that reduces your time to hire 
  • Track churn and retention 

How much does Deel cost? 

Deel has a few different pricing tiers, depending on which features you’re looking at and your organisation’s profile: 

  • Deel HR - free
  • Deel Immigration - get in touch for pricing 
  • Deel Payroll - get in touch for pricing 
  • Contractors - $49/month 
  • EOR (Employer of Record) - $599/month 

Why use Deel? 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one HR tool that will help you keep up to date with everything and everyone within your organisation, then Deel could be the right tool for you. It’s especially suitable for organisations with a global profile or ambitions to scale worldwide. The ability to pick and choose which features you want access to is definitely very helpful too. 

FAQs about tools for HR professionals

What kinds of tools do HR professionals need? 

The world of HR tools is expansive. And amongst all the innovative software, it can be difficult to navigate which ones will actually benefit you and your workflows. Generally speaking, you can categorise HR tools into four different types according to which stage of the employee lifecycle they help you to manage: 

  • Recruitment, hiring and onboarding: reference and background checking, interviewing, and contracting. 
  • Performance analytics and management: tracking performance, deliverables, performance reviews etc. 
  • General employee management: payroll, benefits, holiday, device management etc. 
  • Employee rewards and engagement just like Nectar that we saw above.

If you would like to learn more about how RefNow's automated Employment Referencing software can help your organisation, reach out to us today and get your first 5 checks free.