Graphic representing the referencing checking process
RefNow Reference is an automated reference checking software that streamlines and simplifies the employment referencing process.

By eliminating the need for a human operator to chase and store reference checks, RefNow Reference helps you save time and resources and focus on growing your business.

With features like real-time tracking, automated follow-ups, verification, fraud detection, customisable question profiles, and many more displayed below. RefNow Reference helps you verify the qualifications and experience of your candidates and make informed hiring decisions.
Automated reference checking

88% of references are completed by automation alone

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual reference checks. With RefNow Referencing, you can enjoy completed references within 36 hours (on average) - that's up to 7x faster than traditional methods. Plus, our smart automation ensures accuracy and consistency every time.
Real-time tracking
With RefNow, you can track the progress of your reference checks in real-time, with a timeline of events that includes when a request was created, when a reference was added, and when a reference was completed. This feature also includes an audit trail of all automation attempts and instant reminders to keep the process on track.
Referencing timeline
Our platform partners with LinkedIn and YOTI to verify the authenticity of references and provide additional insights on candidates.
Verification with yoti and linkedin graphic
Fraud detection
RefNow uses advanced algorithms to detect fraudulent references, helping you make more informed hiring decisions.
Graphic representing the custom emails that can be created on our platform
Customisable question profiles
You can create custom question profiles for different teams, departments, or job roles, and choose from a variety of question types, including dropdown, text, file upload, and numerical answer options. You can also customise the language and content of your questions to fit your specific needs.
A graphic showing what a question profile looks like
Custom emails
You can create and send custom emails to candidates and references through the RefNow platform, making communicating and staying organised easier.
Graphic representing the custom emails that can be created on our platform
Downloadable PDF reports
You can generate and download PDF reports on your reference checks, giving you a clear overview of the process and results.
Exportable pdf reports graphic
Multi-user and team support
RefNow supports multiple users and teams, with permission groups to control access and responsibilities.
Multi user and team graphic
Right-to-work checks
Our platform partners with YOTI to provide right-to-work checks, helping you ensure compliance and protect your business.
Right to work check graphic
A graphic representing real-time tracking in the referencing process
Verification with yoti and linkedin graphic
Graphic representing the fraud detection step in the referencing process
A graphic showing what a question profile looks like
Graphic representing the custom emails that can be created on our platform
Exportable pdf reports graphic
Multi user and team graphic
Right to work check graphic

Read what our customers say about us

RefNow is trusted by thousands of companies - including healthcare providers, recruitment agencies, healthcare providers, retailers and startups.

"The way we use RefNow is to handle all of our incoming and outgoing reference requests, across the board. RefNow has enabled us to automate our entire referencing process, and in turn has given us back countless hours each week to apply our time elsewhere."

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"We’ve made RefNow the central part of our on-boarding process and we’re happy to let the references come back to us without having to do any of the time consuming chasing that we had to do beforehand."

"We’ve rolled it out to each of our care homes and it is now a fully fledged system across the whole of Advinia. When rolling out new technology across such a large company, we were happy to see it only took a couple of months to really get going in every single one of our homes."

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