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5x Faster Reference Checks with RefNow's Platform

The average reference completion time is just 36 hours when using our system to collect candidate references. We also have many features designed to make your job easier:

Automated Follow-up Reminders

Automated Email and SMS Reminders are sent at regular intervals controlled by you. Our team will also chase-up via telephone when required.

Fraud Detection Warnings

Additional assurance that candidates are not attempting to provide fraudulent fake references with our fraud detection warning system.

Passport / Linkedin Verification

Allow both the candidate and referee to verify their identity using either LinkedIn or Passport level assurance for remote right-to-work checks.

Minimum # of References / Years

Choose to either request the most recent X references by number (1-10 references) or by number of years (the last 3 years of references).

Talent Pool Opt-in for References

Increase the size of your hiring talent pool by allowing references to opt-in to receiving job post alerts from your company in the future.

Exportable PDF References

EU GDPR compliant references can be viewed using our portal or downloaded to an exportable PDF format and saved into your own system.

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"We love RefNow!"

RefNow has helped us with everything! Not just in my volunteering team but our HR team as well, we feel like we have the support and speed that we need. Our references are coming back to us within days and most importantly, it all happens behind the scenes so we can finally get back to our day jobs and not have to chase people.

Sue Haslett, The Air Ambulance Service